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Facial Hair Growth Nutrient

Eyebrows/beards/sideburns growth serum

50 ml


Created for eyebrows, beards, and sideburns
Strengthen hair roots
Recuperate skin and revive hair roots
Reproduce healthy and robust hair
Show your masculine side

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, compound plants and Arnica Montana flower extracts, Quaternium-51, Placental protein, Pelaggonium Graveolens flower oil, Mentha Arvensis leaf oil, Vitamin B complex
Apply evenly to eyebrows, beard, and sideburns after cleansing. Gently massage in circles for 1 to 3 minutes until it is absorbed.
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Lush Vibrant

Strengthening and reviving hair roots on eyebrows, beard, and sideburns. Recuperating skin and reviving hair roots. Reproducing healthy and robust hair. Show your masculine side.
Sensually ruggedness highlights your masculinity.
Rugged appearance reflects sensuality. Lush hair highlights vitality. We know how to combine a rugged and delicate look to bring out your unique glamour. To do this, we apply technology and all-natural formulas to revive your hair roots as well as your masculine vigor, making you vividly gorgeous.

Created exclusively for facial hair. A well-designed activation formula.

Strengthen hair roots, control sebum secretion, restore vibrant growing conditions.
Reviving Hair Roots

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
Strengthening hair andreviving hair roots.
Hair Root Conditioning

Healthy and reviving hairCompound plants and Arnica Montana flower extracts
Controlling sebum secretion andsupplying adequate nutrition to hair roots.
Strengthening Hair Roots

Maintaining sebum balance andstrengthening hair roots.

In Taiwan, UNICORN has provided our service to over 21,000 people.

We have been reported in mainstream men's magazines such as GQ and Men's UNO. UNICORN enables men to learn about skincare via the Internet and offers professional service just as store brands. You are invited to join the UNICORN club!
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我買過不少號稱可以增加眉毛、鬢角的產品 效果都不好! 但是U鬚眉煥活精華 真的不一樣! 擦二天就有感覺... 一開始還因為他的質地是乳狀的 不太習慣 但我的眉毛 以前有修過覺得麻煩 後來用拔的 都長不出來了!!! 現在眉毛有長新的細毛 覺得很開心
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very good product
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It's convenient for daily usage and helpful for Facial Hair Growing. It works!
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