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Daily Balancing Oil-Controlling Lotion

Face moisturizer for oily/combination skin men

50 ml

TWD390 TWD780

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Long-lasting oil control, refreshing and hydrating
Sebum toning for oil-water balance
Refining pores and no more oily face
All-day refreshing and glamorous
For oily and mixed skin types

Laminaria Saccharina extract, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, multiple plant refining extracts, Fomes Officinalis (mushroom) extract, Sodium Hyaluronate
Apply to face and oily parts after cleansing. Massage gently until it is absorbed.
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Balance Means No More Oily Faces

Long-lasting oil control, refreshing and hydrating. Sebum toning for oil-water balance. Refining pores and no more oily face; all-day refreshing and glamorous.
Oil-free bliss is only one step away.
To improve the skin's oil secretion and blocked large pores, we selected mild, low-irritation oil-control ingredients for sebum toning, achieving oil-water balance and reducing greasiness on the face. No more oily skin. Say hello to all-day refreshing comfort!

Compound oil-control formulas with multiple plant extracts are used.

Reduce sebum secretion, achieve effective oil control, refresh skin, and refine pores. Soft texture, light and burden-free and Alcohol-free. Use mild, low-irritation oil-control ingredients.
Oil Controlling

Laminaria Saccharina extract
Reducing sebum secretionand solving the oily face problem.
Pore Refining

Multi-plant firming extracts
Pore refining, oil controlling and exfoliation.
Skin Firming

Fomes Officinalis (mushroom) extract
Pore-refining and long-lasting moisturization.

In Taiwan, UNICORN has provided our service to over 21,000 people.

We have been reported in mainstream men's magazines such as GQ and Men's UNO. UNICORN enables men to learn about skincare via the Internet and offers professional service just as store brands. You are invited to join the UNICORN club!

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