Unicorn corporates with the best international biological lab
to ensure the best quality of our products.
With the finest ingredients and the safest equipments,
our factory is both ISO22716 and GMP certified.
All Unicorn products have passed SGS examination.
With pride and high standard quality,
Unicorn products are proudly sold to our customers all over the world.
We deliver the best quality exclusively for the best men.


From the Larch tree which harvests in North America, it's a multiple effect ingredient.
With certification of Ecocert, the promise of safe and natural ingredient has been sure.
Its brilliant ability to remain moister on skins, seize every critical nutrient skin needs.
Also keep darkness away from you skin, no more problems of skins. 

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Comes from international biological lab, Tripeptide especially aims at aged skin for a new and smooth condition.
Based on natural ingredient, easily absorbed and also strengthen skins' elasticity and feeling of smooth.

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Without any chemical ingredient and preservative, lllite have some important minerals such as Silicon, Potassium, Calcium and so on.
The whole process of making lllite all controlled in high quality.
With these important ingredient, lllite can comfort your skin also provide function of deep clean within every pore.
Of course, it improves skin's ability of reducing oil and darkness.

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Without any chemical ingredient and preservative, Kaolin have some important minerals.
The whole process of making lllite all controlled in high quality.
Kaolin improves luster, darkness on skin, especially suits for sensitive skins. 

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/Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide/

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide can enhance skins' ability of strong protection to wrinkles, give the energy to skin which is lack of.
And the most important thing, aging will be slow to happen.

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/Cananga Odorata Flower Oil/

Cananga Odorata Flower , known as "cananga tree".
It has the ability of comfort, anti-sadness and relax nervous system, used in the exciting condition is the best.
Also adjust the production adrenaline for amusement condition and balance the oil on skin.

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/Jojoba Seed Oil/

Jojoba seed oil, it provides the function of softing and moisture skin.
Vitamin E, protects connective tissue inside the skin from wrinkles.
Best balance between oil and water, restore pH to perfect condition.
Controlling the loss of water of skin and lessen the speed of aging.

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/Jugulars Mandshurica Shell Powder/

Juglans Mandshurica Shell Powder, comes from natural walnut.
Keep the dead skin away gently, restore energy to skin.

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/Magnolia Herb Extract/

Effective functions of comforting and softing to the skin.
Adjust the generation of abnormal cuticle and dry skin.

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/Salicylic Acid/

Salicylic Acid which created by the newest technology from Unicorn, it aims at the area of acne, repairs the problem of acne.
It has no stimulation to skin around the acne also enhance the change of dead skin.
Balance the oil and keep skin in the best condition.

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/Mint / Curpress Essential Oil/

Both mint and curpress essential oil can relieve the discomfort in skin, gives the fresh feeling to your exhausted parts of body.

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/St. Johnswort Essential Oil/

St. Johnswort Essential Oil, created by 100% natural ingredient.
The essential oil can comfort the discomfort around your legs.

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